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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Memphis Eats: Las Delicias

So the next stop on my favorite Memphis eats is a Mexican restaurant that's not like other Mexican restaurants- Las Delicias.  It is at 4002 Park Avenue, kind of in a random slightly questionable looking area.  Look for the  red light up sign.  It is so so good.  We eat there a lot.  Our good friends Sarah and Josh introduced us to it last year, and we were hooked.  Another restaurant that we didn't go to in dental school that we should have!  The food is so good.  I recommend the fajitas.  They are not like your usual fajitas.  They have steak and bacon and onions and cheese and green peppers and are so yummy.  They are served with corn tortillas and are just fantastic.
They also have tortas that are basically sub sandwiches and those are delicious.  They also have great margaritas anddd you cannot miss their tortilla chips that are homemade in house.  They are so crispy, flaky, and delicious.  They also have homemade guacamole that is amazing.  You can get the chips and guac to go, so I highly recommend just helping yourself on the way out!  The best thing about Las Delicias is it is so so cheap.  Like, where you look at the bill and think there's a mistake cheap.  They don't take reservations and don't have much of an area to stand around and wait, but there is usually a little wait.  Totally worth it.  Great for groups, and kid friendly.  Two thumbs up!

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