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Monday, March 19, 2012

Memphis Eats: Tokyo Grill

This is sort of an odd one to blog about, but we eat take out from here so often I have to mention it.  One of my co-residents told me about Tokyo Grill last year, we tried it, and it has been on our short list of "where should we pick something up from?" restaurants ever since.  It is cheap, super fast (call in an order and they'll tell you it'll be ready in five minutes.  The sushi is not the best sushi in Memphis (I'll blog about Sakura soon, because that to me is hands down the best sushi), so I usually stick to the Hibachi or appetizer menu.  I love Miso soup, squid salad (Ika salad), steamed potstickers (Gyoza)...and you can get these for super cheap and they are delicious.  

 My meal of squid salad (Ika salad), fried rice, and miso soup.  Yummy!!

 Brian usually goes with either the bento box pictured below, or Hibachi chicken.  Both good.

This is some sushi that we ordered that was pretty good.  I haven't ordered enough sushi to vouch for it.

Soooo, sort of an odd on to blog about, but you always need a few last minute I don't feel like cooking anything or making the effort of putting on clothes and going to dinner kind of places.  This is like three nights a week for us :)  Especially since Cooper arrived.  We're getting back in to our cooking and eating out now that he is sleeping better and we have come out of the baby cave we were living in!  Tokyo Grill is open 7 days a week 11 am-10 pm.  So also good for a late night hunger craving!  I'm not saying run out and make this your first Memphis restaurant to try, but it is good, cheap, fast take out (or you can dine in).  Worth a try!

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