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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Memphis Eats: Sakura

Sakura is one of those restaurants that I will always miss when I leave Memphis.  It is just great sushi.  Huge servings, unique rolls, and all delicious.  It is in a strip mall in Saddle Creek behind the Wendy's.  Its in a nice area, but when you see the restaurant, it looks like your average sushi/hibachi restaurant.  Don't judge a book by its cover.

 I have had sushi a lot of places, but Sakura is probably the best I've ever had.  It is so good.  The Joyce roll is one of the best.  I love the mango roll.  The Caterpillar is yummy.  Its all good.  It isn't too pricey, although we always spend a lot of money because Brian always orders too much.  And every time we leave, he says "Don't let me order so much next time, I forget how big it all is", and then we do it again.  Anyway, go to Sakura.  It is FANTASTIC.  Some people my say its "Americanized" sushi.  If so, that's quite alright with me.  Its so pretty.  And delicious....

It is a decent sized restaurant and if there is a wait it usually isn't too long.  It is sort of quiet, so not loud kid friendly, but its not stuffy or fancy by any means.  But we took Cooper one night and there were older adults and the tables around us and the thought crossed my mind that I hoped he didn't get crazy.  And he didn't so it was ok.  But its no Chuck E Cheese.  So delicious.  Mmmm I wish I was eating there right now...

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